Question to select all files when mp3tag opens.



First of all I want to thank you for one of the best mp3 taggers around.
But now my question:
Whenever I open a list of mp3 files from an album in the Explorer I have to select them all before I can look the album up on freedb.
Is there a possibility that when I open an album that way the files will already be selected?
Maybe an option for this in the option menu or something.
Thanks for reaction.

Mark items as default

You can simply select all files with the Ctrl+A hotkey. Do you really think, that an extra option is necessary?

Best regards,
~ Florian


Hi Florian.

Thanks for your fast reaction.
It is not really necessary but the first thing I always do, when I have downloaded an album, is to rightclick on a song and check it on the freedb to see if it's complete.
So I would love to see that option in your program.
But if I'm just the only one I can live with the ctrl-a option.


you are right that the first thing somebody would do is a "select all" (assuming that you have the MP3-Files in subdirectories and not all 10.000 in one dir.)

Imagine how many users would unintentionally press a key like . Whoops, all files were deleted.

When you open MP3Tag and begin to work, you will press and than immediately so something with the selection. When all files are preselected the possibility for mistakes are bigger (I think).

Even if that is an option turned off normally, it would be dangerous for people using it.

In my opinion it's good as it is :slight_smile:



i dont agree.. ::slight_smile:

im going thru all my mp3 albums and the 1st thing i do is Ctrl-A.. to check mp3 album info.. just a checkbox under the options is good enough is it? 8)


If there was (maybe there is already I'm not sure) a confirmation box coming up before deleting, then it could be fine, couldn't it?