Questions about automatic saving and album art

I'm sorry if these questions were addressed in a previous thread, but I was unable to find them, in the FAQs.

  1. When I enter something in a tag on a song file (let's say artist name, for example), then click on another file, and then click back on the file I had just edited, the information had not been saved. This is extremely annoying since it means I have to save after I edit each and every file, which will take me months. Is there any way to keep whatever I entered on a file, even after I click other files, so I can save them all at once?

  2. Is there any way to add album art to multiple files? For example, let's say I have 100 images in a folder that I want to add to 100 songs. I want the first image to add to the first song, the second image to add to the second song, etc. Is there anyway for me to achieve this without having to do it one by one? Again, this is sort of related to question 1. above.

Thank you in advance, and again I sincerely apologize if these questions had been addressed already, as I am new to this forum and program and was unable to find threads on these topics.

"Questions about automatic saving and album art"
Hmm ... yes, those questions are buried in the forum, one have to find the related answers.
See also ...

Simple said, saving or discarding is just a matter of how someone works with Mp3tag.
You have described a scenario where you edit some values in the dialog "Tag panel", then leave the dialog without saving, change to the dialog "List view", where you click on another file. Therefore the focus to the previous file object got lost, and the waiting edit changes are discarded.
So what can you do better?
The answer is easy: Save your work, before going on to do other things at other places.
While in the dialog "Tag panel" press keys [Ctrl+S] or click the "Floppy Disk symbol" in the symbol line.

When you work in the dialog "List view" directly on the cells, each edit is immediately saved.

See also "Mp3tag/Tools/Mp3tag Options/Tags/Tags" ...
Checkbox "Save tags when ..."

Yes there is a way, when each image file has a name, which can be automatically addressed, when using the action "Import cover from file".
The image file name must set up a 1:1 relation to the related media file.
For example by ...
... the same name as the related media file;
... a name which can be assembled from the related media file name or from the content of tag-fields of the media file;
... a running number.
... by any Mp3tag scripting expression, which points to the related media file.

Formatstring examples:
%ARTIST%' - '%TITLE%' - '%TRACK%'.jpg'

Keep on reading the forum messages whenever you have time to do so.
I have the impression, that all has been said, what is of interest regarding Mp3tag.