Questions about exporting tags for later use

I've looked around here but haven't found exactly what I'm looking least not in terms simple enough for a relative newcomer to the world of tags.

I'd like to be able to export tags for around 40,000 songs, take those tag files to another country, and apply them to the same files (except many of those files still have messed up tags) on a drive in that country. If I can do that, I can save myself a lot of work and use this external drive to put other stuff on when I go to country #2. How should I go about doing this?

I'm not terribly particular about what's in the tag - a basic band-album-track#-song title is what I've done a lot of work putting in to my collection over the last couple months. Cover art would be cool to keep if not too much extra work.

I have a music folder. Inside it, i have a folder for each band. In each of those folders is a folder for each album. Should I export one huge file with everything in it, one for each band, or one for each album? What are the "append data" and "one file per directory" options all about?



This is a tough question and I'm not sure if I can give the ultimate solution, but there are various possibilities:

  • You can use the Export to export the tag information to a text file and an action to export the cover art (using a dedicated format string to ease later import).
  • You can create a dummy file structure with 0 byte MP3s which directly resembles your file structure and copy the tags over to these files using [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+v]. This invloves some batch scripting knowledge.
Kind regards, Florian