Questions about Remove Tag Button and Modified Column

I have a couple of question about two of the features of the MP3Tag App for Windows 10. I am currently using MP3Tag to do final checks of my music collection that I have been reorganizing. While using the app to check one of my folders, I almost hit the Remove Tag button when I meant to remove the files from the list so I could load a new music folder for checking. As a precaution, I am going back through my folders to check if any songs have been accidentally modified. I will also be using another file program as a second check to make sure no songs have been accidentally modified by looking at the date modified listing.

My Questions are as followed:

  1. Does the Remove Tag button only remove the Tag listed under the Tag Column (e.g. MP4, FLAC, ID3v2, etc.) or does it also remove or modify other tags like Artist, Genre, Album, etc.?

  2. Does the Remove Tag button alter the audio properties or format of my song files such as the extension (e.g. mp3, m4a, FLAC, etc.) or the bitrate (e.g. 128, 256, or 320 kbps)?

  3. If the Remove Tag Button is used, would the modified column in the MP3Tag App update the affected file(s) to the date that the Remove Tag button was used (e.g. modified column updated from 10/1/21 to 10/2/21)? Also, if the Remove Tag Button was used, would Windows 10 and other apps that list files with date created and date modified also update the date modified listing for the affected file(s)?


The question does not make sense. It seems that you misunderstand what TAG means.
Album, albumartist, comment, title, etc. are not properly called tags. For files using the ID3 system, they are called fields.
The tag is all of the user written metadata.
For example: an MP3 file may have an ID3v1 tag and/or an ID3v2 tag and/or a APEv2 tag.
Each tag is made up of all of the fields used.
%_tag% is the placeholder that is populated with the names of the tag types in the file (eg. ID3v1 APEv2).

The "Remove tag" button removes the entire tag(s), depending on your settings (Options > Tags > Mpeg or Ape, Mpc... > Remove)


Yes, if you have not configured Mp3tag otherwise. (Options > Tags > Preserve file modification time when saving tags)

Windows File Explorer does.

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Thank you for the response. I have a some of additional questions.

  1. Based on your information, Am I correct in understanding that music file data such as Artist, Genre, and Albums, are considered fields and not tags? If yes, does that mean that those pieces of data are neither removed from the audio file nor affected by the Remove Tag button?

  2. On the Preserve file modification time when saving tags, does that mean it will keep the previous modification date even if I changed something in the file later on (e.g. date modified still listed as 9/1/21 after I changed something in the file on 10/121)?

  3. For the Preserve file modification time when saving tags, the check box is currently unchecked. Does this mean that if the option is unchecked that the date modified will be updated to the date I changed something in the file (e.g. updated from 9/1/21 to 10/1/21) and when I apply the check mark it will keep the previous date modified date even if I changed something in the file later on (e.g. 9/1/21 instead of 10/1/21) or do I have my understandings of the functions in reverse?

  4. Regardless of whether I have the Preserve file modification time when saving tags enabled or disabled, if I change something in the audio file with the MP3Tag App, will the date that I changed something in the audio file be updated and appear in the date modified column or listing of Windows 10 File Explorer or other file scanning program that also has date created and date modified listings or columns? The other app that I use as a second verification of dates created and dates modified is called UltraSearch.


  1. An ID3 tag has many fields. If you remove the tag you remove all the fields.
  2. The file modification time changes every time the file is saved, even if it is not modified. Removing a tag includes saving and therefore the modification time is updated.
  3. A check-mark prevents the file modification time from being changed.
  4. Try it and see.

Create a column using %_file_mod_datetime% and you can do some testing yourself.

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Thanks for the information.

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