Questions about 'Text file - Tag' format strings

Hey, great program, but I'm trying to learn more about format strings for Text file - Tag conversion:
  1. Can you use any other delimiter than ' / ', like maybe a tab character?

  2. I'll have some long format strings, where the differences [between different strings] will be way out to the right of the window, so it would be great to have visible identifying labels at the front of the strings. The most likely way I can see so far would be to add a label at the beginning of a format string in the form of a phony field name, and to make sure that each incoming line has a blank value for the first field. Is there a better way to label the strings?

  3. Can I remove unused format strings from the drop-down list? I see that the format strings are listed in mp3tag.cfg, each preceded by a 32-bit length. If nothing else, could I just delete strings and their lengths from mp3tag.cfg?

Thanks for any help,

  1. Of course. For example, I always use "§§§" because chances that those three characters appear in a title, artist, etc. are very very low, while I have several tracks that contain an "/" in the title.

  2. Not sure what you mean.

  3. You can delete by highlighting the unneeded entry and pressing SHIFT+DEL. Don't edit the configuration file yourself since that might corrupt it.

Hi Sebastion,

Excellent. Thanks very much for the info.

Regarding the second question, I expect to be importing tags from different types of files that may have different content and may have fields arranged in different orders. Depending on the situation, I may want to import some of the field values but not others.

In any case, I'll have different format strings to use in different cases, and I just want to make it easy to identify the one I want, without examining each format string from beginning to end, particularly when the string is wider than the drop-down list that shows the strings, even if I stretch the 'Text file - Tag' dialog box to the full width of the screen. So, I'm hoping to attach a visible name to each of the various format strings, so I can quickly pick out the one I need at a given time.

So far, the best way I've been able to think of is to append an identifying name for each format string as a phony field name at the beginning of the string. Then I'd make sure that the first value for each line of the incoming text file was blank, so the program wouldn't attempt to create a tag with that phony field name. This is obviously a kludge, and I'd have to be sure to add the blank field value at the beginning of every incoming line, so I'm hoping there's a better way to show a meaningful label for each formatting string. If anyone can suggest a better way I'd love to hear it.