Questions from a beginner


I just downloaded MP3Tag,as I have finished ripping 600 Cds in FLAC using dbPowerAmp. Approximately 50 Albums do not have any tag info (I entered manually when ripping the album Title and the Artist name), and over 150 do not have a cover.
As I red everywhere MP3Tag is the best for this, I have a few question on how to achieve this without going through one by one...

So far I have only been able to manually select a directory for an album, ask to go to freedb by providing the artist name, manually chosing the right album, and pray so that the info will come back complete, with cover!
Not exactly what I call convenient.

I would like MP3 Tag to scan automatically my library, and potentially make suggestion for albums that do not have good tag info (all songs are names "track").
Also I would like a scan of my library for missing art cover to be added automatically.

Is this possible, or is it the wrong software for this?