Questions regarding portable installation

Hi, i was very supprised and happy to read that you added a portable installation. Cause thats just what i wanted to ask for in the forum.
It's really annoying to take care about defined actions and configurations on various systems (desktop/laptop/work/friends) - using the "export" function apart from the problem that it works only for the same directory structure :frowning:
But running it from a USB-Stick would really be heaven :slight_smile:

But anyhow i cannot find anywhere an information about your "portable installation :-((

I read the program itself, the setup, history, the readme, the help-files and even command line options - but it is nowhere to be found??? Am I too dumb?

From the changelog: [2006-09-15] CHG: program settings are stored in mp3tag.cfg now.

Ok, but that does not help me. Because as i figured this "mp3tag.cfg" plus all changes are still stored in the profile-folder of the windows-user. Plus i cannot find a file (like .ini) that stores the path to that folder what leads me to the conclusion that the path is stored in the windows registry?

Anyhow that statement in the History is not enough information to tell me how to make mp3tag portable. Please Florian, enlighten all those portable freaks out there! :wink:

Sorry, I see that this line from the changelog isn't very helpful.

There are two possible locations to store the settings: one is the default one, where the configuration file mp3tag.cfg and all the actions, export configurations, ... are stored in the users directory at %APPDATA%\Mp3tag. The other option is to copy those files to the program directory - this can be also a directory on an USB device.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Thanks a lot. So I guess the portable installation could be discribed like that:

If the mp3tag.cfg and the folders in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag are copied to the program directory itself (e.g. X:\Portable Apps\mp3tag) , mp3tag will use those and not use the %APPDATA%\Mp3tag anymore?