Questions, suggestions and problems. :)

Can the artist field be added to tag searches e.g. Live, Greatest Hits.... If the artist field was added it would be helpful.

In the "Adjust Tag Information" box:

  1. there used to be separate buttons for "Save to Disc", "Save to Tag" and "Export Image". I may be the only one but I liked that better! Or if we could do just a tag search for the image.

  2. the choice to reference either your file name field or the title

  3. It would be cool to have the ability to apply other formating from here. e.g. leading zero in tracks

  4. The option of opening your image editor or changing the size of the saved image from here.

  5. recently I have run into more and more tags that include the artist and the composer - I assume for RIAA purposes "song title - artist, composer". If the artist, composer information could be deleted. Now you have to go line by line or re-tag the file after your done.

  6. when you rearrange your tracks the focus doesn't stay on that track and it's new position and drops down below the frame not a problem on single CDs but is a problem on multiple. I can't resize the window large enough to see everything so I have to stop see where I'm at and start again. If I've over shot and start the process in the other direction.

  7. when you edit the tags your downloading the focus does to the far right at times pushing your edit point out of view again. Again there is not enough room to resize the window to keep this from happening.

After all that MP3Tag is by far the easiest to use, feature rich tagging software that I've found. I love it and recommend it all the time