Quick Action

I have a problem trying to replace data in the title tag of an mp3 file.
I have tried to find the gotchya (doesn't work on a Tuesday?) amongst the FAQs and forums, but not been able to find anything, which undoubtedly means that I am doing something incredibly stupid. Nevertheless, my problem is when I try to do the simple Replace Quick Action, I get 'formatted tags in 0 of 12 files' when I try to save it.

Similarly (I think), If I type %title% is "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy [#][Live]" into the filter, it doesn't select anything.

Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong?
MP3Tag 2.49 under Win7 SP1 64-bit

For the repalce action, the field name is "TITLE", not %TITLE%"

TITLE is needed when the field itself it meant.
%title% instead is the value of the TITLE field.

For the filter, you have to write filter exressions in capital letters. So use "IS" instead of "is".

Brilliant! Thanks for correcting my 2 stoopid mistakes so quickly.