Quick and dirty way to "fool" mp3tag regex parser

Some of you know me for spending countless hours developing a single and unnecessarily complex regex to satisfy TITLE formatting for all songs possible. Despite not being an expert in logical thinking i decided to think outside the box (read: embracing my redneck chi).
My nemesis has always been "commas" in strings which are hard to isolate and get parsed so instead of trying to isolate each and every single part of a string i came to conclusion that it's easier to create a three step action to overcome this problem:

Step1 - Replace "," for any unusual character serving as a placeholder ("@" for instance)

Step2 - Format your string with your favourite set of actions (pain and hassle free)

Step3 - Replace placeholder character with "," all over again

I know for many of you this is borderline stupid but it's effective and saves inexperienced users a lot of trouble.

Kind regards,