Quick Question


Hey Florian and Crew,

I have been scouring the forums on how to make an expression to excluded a case conversion and I can't find anything.

What I am needing-

I have setup my case conversion and have made letters capitalize after . and ( -
but what I can't figure out is how to make an exception for a filetype.

It comes after a . so it goes caps and I don't want it too.

I understand how to turn a Vii to a VII with the replace but it doesn't seem to work with the filetype. What am I doing wrong?

Could someone give me a hand on this?

Oh and btw on the "possible alternative" - shufty is a good friend who is trying to figure how to make that plugin work for all of us :slight_smile:

He is a real nice guy - and Florian thanks for the response to that thread.

Like I said I am pumping your product bigtime - getting alot of friends turned on to your tagger.

Keep up the good work!!


PS If there was a thread that talked about this particular problem - either I never ran across it or I didn't understand it and I apologize... I even looked through help files and just didn't understand how to do it, but did find some answers to a few other questions :slight_smile:



Just run a simple replace action Mp3->mp3 for _FILENAME without case-sensitivity after your action and it will "repair" file extension. :slight_smile:




I'll give it a try when I get home from work!!!
I think I tried that but was using the filetype descriptor - so I'll try it and see.