Quick questions about version 2.45c

Hi, I just installed the 2.45c of Mp3tag on my copy of Vista SP1. I was kind of surprised that the installer asked me to reboot after the installation, is this normal? Because as far as I can remember, normally Mp3tag updates don't require a reboot after installation. Were any important system files updated or something?

Another weird thing that happened was that my resolution was changed after I rebooted. I didn't have any problems changing back to my old resolution, but this still felt a little weird. Did mp3tag update some sort of windows graphics library or something?

I have to say that I installed 2.45c over 2.45b without uninstalling 2.45b first, could this have caused these weird issues?

Finally, I would like to inquire about the stability levels of the beta versions of Mp3tag. Are beta versions pretty much "near-stable", but they just lack wide-scale testing on a larger audience or do beta versions have known problems that are waiting for a fix? I haven't had any stability issues so far, but I am interested in the definition of beta when it comes to Mp3tag's development.



Sorry it seems this thread should have been posted in the support forum, my bad!

I have another question, is it possible to make Mp3tag write both ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 at the same time? ID3v2.4 tends to have better support for tags with Cyrillic characters but windows explorer can't seem to read the album covers tag and display them (or any other tags for that matter.

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Because of changes in the new shell extension feature there is needed a new start of the user's explorer shell. There is no system reboot needed, user log out following by user log in should work ( experienced when installing Mp3tag v2.45c over previous version).


Someone please explain the changes to the Explorer shell extension. It's always worked perfectly for me in the past.

Will this be required for all future updates? Mp3tag used to be the single easiest program to update that I've experienced on Windows. I'd hate to have to reboot (or even log out/in) each time I upgrade, which is quite often if you follow the beta updates.

Mp3tag now uses a real shell extension (in contrast to the registry enhancements used in the past).

The Mp3tag installer is quite intelligent as it updates the shell extension only if it has actually changed -- so rebooting will be only required in those cases, where the shell extension gets an update (which is hopefully not needed very often).

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Is there some advantage to this? Can the shell extension do things that weren't possible through the registry settings?

It can prevent the user to add features to Mp3tag by hacking the registry. :rolleyes:

It is somewhat the same thing like hiding all combobox entries and other settings in mp3tag.cfg.


It's actually a little bit more.

Previously, an Mp3tag process was spawned for every file and folder the context menu item was executed -- which resulted in random behavior and files being omitted from the list for some users.

The shell extension now only needs to spawn one Mp3tag process which should improve the overall experience.

And like I said: a reboot is only needed if the shell extension gets an update (e.g., there was no reboot when updating from v2.45c to v2.45d).