Quick transfer from Artist/Album/Year fields

Having a hard time with strings. My files are named like this: 01 Come Together.mp3. Using Convert - Filename To Tag (string: %track% %title%) I can select all files and quickly add the track numbers and song titles to all tags. Great! How can I add Artist, Album, Year info to each tag without entering it manually into each tag. Is there a way to add the info to the first tag and automatically carry it through to the remaining tags in the album without changing the Title/Track Number fields? The directions for using these strings do not make sense to me. Thanks for any help.

I'm not sure what you mean. You don't have to enter the artist for each file, you can select all files from the respective artist and type in the artist name in the left pane and press :mt_save:. Make sure that the fields you want to keep (title and track probably) are set to "< keep >".

Thanks Sebastian, You are correct as I stumbled on the answer by accident yesterday. I select all files in the album, enter ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR then press Control+S and it saves to all tags. I then use Convert-Filename>Tag and it adds the track number and song title to all tags without my having to change anything to "Keep" (since these fields are empty I guess), anyway things working very quickly now. Can you tell me if creating ID3v1 and ID3v2 both will effect the file's ability to play gaplessly? I read that these are appended to the begining and end of each file and some players will insert silence where these tags are. Thanks!

MP3 files cannot be playbed back gaplessly unless encoded with LAME or iTunes. The only players I know that utilize the information about encoding padding and delay stored inside LAME headers are Winamp, foobar2000, XMPlay and iTunes. All these players skip ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags and allow gapless playback. I think with iTunes MP3s, gapless information is stored inside the ID3v2 tag anyways.

I'm not sure what all that means. I am new to mp3 and really don't understand headers, encoding padding or delay. Don't need to get into a study on the subject in this thread but considering all above may I ask a very simplistic question?
I use the Lame 3.97 to encode at 190VBR, then MP3 Tag to add ID3v1 and 2. The player will be whatever is in the device I try to play these on. It could be a portable or a set top CD player. My Panasonic DVD/CD player seems to be able to play these gaplessly but will the next player do the same? Much Thanks.

Well we can't see the future and if we don't know the exact player you will use nobody can answer this.
It depends more or less on the player/device and not on the mp3 tag settings (except encoded with lame/itunes as already said).
I guess in general not too many devices support gapless playback.
So you need to look carefully before you buy something new.