Quick Way to Change Track Numbers

Ok I am a total newbie here. I tried using this program but I don't see an easy way to do this...

Here is what I am trying to achieve.

I have 100+ tracks of mp3 that have their tracks labeled as 001,002,...010...099,101 etc.

I would like to eliminate all the front zeros 1,2,3,......10,...89,90....100.

Is there an easy way to to this with MP3Tag. And please remember I do not know anything about this application or scripting. So if a solution exists please be thorough in your response.


Hello i'm german man

sort. by 1. Track than 2. Album , select one Album
Make it to "Strg+K" at one Album

DJ Mucke -- Thank you for your method, but I could not figure it out.

But I did find a solution -- For maybe some other newbies that might need help.

I clicked on the change directory icon and navigated to my "affected" mp3 location. It then loaded the mp3 in the primary window. I hit CTRL-A to select all the files. Clicked on the Autonumbering Wizard Icon (Has the 1-2 logo) selected which track number start at and click OK.

Thanks for the help and the read...