Quicker Filter Options


I would like to propose an addition of tag field to filter

If there was a [configurable] list of tag fields [lets say in one row, above the filter's data input field], each one with a window to check [click], it would save a lot of time

Imagine you are searching for >>Name Of Artist<< and you know that such a value can / sholud be in 6 fields- but you want to search only for these files who happen to have this value in 4 fields. Then you could just write down >>Name Of Artist<< and simply click [turn on] 4 of those tags [to be taken into account for the filter]; the filter then would ignore all the other ones [the 2 specific that you know of and eventual other]. And then you want to make it broader- so you just click the fifth and / or the sixth. And after that you want to narrow it down- so you unclik whichever you need. And of course the would be a button to reset all selections [turned on tag fields]

Think how much quicker you could make such changes for the search results to be displayed. You wouldn't have to write the name of tag fields or select them from the list [available under the icon o the right side of filter's input window]

And also it would be even much better, if after filtering the >>Name Of Artist<< would appear in color in tag panel. Because for example you can have Name Of Artist in a long sentence in COMMENT or in the middle of some gibberish where you do not expect it [and thus save time that would be spent for looking for it]

You can prepare some filter strings, ... like this one ...


... or ...


... which is the same as ...
(ARTIST HAS "Miles Davis") OR (ALBUMARTIST HAS "Miles Davis") OR (COMMENT HAS "Miles Davis") OR (TITLE HAS "Miles Davis")

... but you want ... ? ...
(ARTIST HAS "Miles Davis") AND (ALBUMARTIST HAS "Miles Davis") AND (COMMENT HAS "Miles Davis") AND (TITLE HAS "Miles Davis")



That is a workaround

Bu still only a workaround:

  • requiring pre-planning
  • requiring outside source of ready to use codes
  • creaitng a hard / slow to read [to distinguish among themselves] list of codes
  • creating a possible list of tens if not hundreds of variations [or making user to stick with one all inclusive version- chopped / modified every time when copied to the filter]

This workaround can't possibly be compared with a system of simple cliks

What about the simple entry
"Miles Davis"

This shows all files that have Miles Davis anywhere in the metadata. No clicks required.

Yes, I would do it this way too.
And then ... select all hits, ... open the dialog Extended View, and one can get an overview about identical content within tag-fields of this group of files.


And to narrow it down I have to make a list of fields to search. And the to broader it, add some other fields. And so on

If I could click, then I would do many changes like that in matter of seconds

Are you sure?

How a result like this can possible be helpful in any way? [Except if your looking for YES / NO answer, and do not wish to look at the data to evaluate it]

It is helpful.
You see at a glance, that at least one of the files does not have the same entry for Miles Davis as the others. And now you have to compare them file by file. Even if you name the fields individually in one filter, you still don't know in which field you find the odd one out.
And now let's get back to the real dimension of the problem: how many fields do you see as possible sources for deviations that have to be mentioned in a list instead of showing files as result of just entering "Miles Davis".
The ones you mentioned can easily be displayed as four consecutive columns.
The fields, btw, can be selected from the list in the arrow button on the right of the filter input box. That button, where you wanted to shorten the number of entries.

Yes you are right, my bad, I had something other in my mind, which does not fit to your problematic situation.


Searching for a an artist is probably the most common and easier of searches

I choosed to evoke it to simplify the problem as much as possible

But not if you have it [possibly] in a multiline with [I'll use here a HTML reference] breaklines. [And here the colors would really be helpful]

Hi everyone, I am new to filter and regular expressions, and while I am trying to learn, I can already do searches using some filters, but need some clue or help for more specific searches.
As musician and educator, my main use on Mp3Tag is to maintain catalogued my backing tracks and educational/training stuff.

Already I make some search without problems for example:

For example, for files with more than one word or term in filename I successfully use :

%_filename% MATCHES 110|75

an example of result can be:

  • Smooth R&B 2-6 Eb 75 bpm
  • Reggae 1-1 Am 110 bpm

But sometimes I need to do search but don´t know the adequate filter expression(s) .
For example, sometimes I need to search the filenames or tag of my backing tracks in a directory list with bpm information between only "90" and "120"
for example:

  • Smooth R&B 2-6 Eb 75 bpm
  • Reggae 1-4 Bm 82 bpm
  • Smooth R&B 7-2 Eb 90 bpm
  • Reggae 1-1 Am 110 bpm

However more search filter I wanted to know is for excluding terms/words, for example to search filenames containing "75" and also the word "jazz" but excluding the term "blues" and "90" in results.
for example: - Smooth Jazz 2-6 Eb 75 bpm but not - Smooth Blues 2-6 Eb 90 bpm .

Thanks in advance for help up :slight_smile:

The problem is that the filename is just a string. So unless you refer to the BPM field with e.g.
%bpm% GREATER 90 AND %bpm% LESS 120
but to a part of the amorphous string, you have lost. That the part 90 or 82 is actually the bpm cannot be evalutated as being greater or less than a specific value as you refer to the complete filename string.

%_filename% HAS jazz AND NOT %_filename% HAS blues AND NOT %_filename% HAS 90