Quicker way to "Track No. to FileName"

I'm organising audiobooks, I can do everything I want but there is a repeated step I want to remove if possible.

Tracks to have TotalCount and LeadingZeros 01/02 - 02/02 (makes it easier on my audiobook player and sorting)
Filename to Prefix with LeadingZeros but not TotalCount. (Total count messes up the number 01, 02 to 01xx 02xx))

Here is the proc I use:
Autonumber files WithOUT TotalCount to get them down to double figures. 01, 02, 03, etc.
Tag to Filename, to get the track numbers prefixed to the Filename
Then Re- Autonumber Files with Total Count back on.

If I just try prefixing the (TotalCount )track numbers I end up with this

If it was a Regedit, it would need to remove the 2nd and 3rd numeral ie

But despite reading an entire pdf on regedit, I can't seem to find a way to ignore the first two characters, and delete the second two, so I'm stuck doing three steps instead of two.

If that made sense to anyone, let me know if there is a quicker way to do this or a regedit / Action that can help out.

Instead of using the autonumbering wizard you can define an action group and put 2 actions in it, so there is only one click to perform both: numbering the track and renaming in the filename.

First action;
Type: Format value
Field: TRACK
Format String: $num(%_counter%,2)/$num(%_total_files%,2)

Second action:
Type: Format Value
Format String: [$num(%track%,2) - ]%artist% - %title%

Instead of %artist% and %title% you of course can take other tags according to your naming custom.

The first action of this group makes only sense if you mark the files of the complete audiobook in mp3tag..

You get a "clean" track number only with the statement
$num(%track%,2) instead of a simple track.
So you can safely auto-number the tracks in the tags and still write a filename with just the track number and no totals.

You can be sure that there is not a single manipulation on the files that requires to edit the registry.

I think he means regular expressions.

Yes sorry Regex Not Regedit :wink: getting old.

Hey, thanks for the answers - I'll have a look at them when I'm back at the PC,
It does look like you solved my problem with that action group - can't wait to try it.

I'll let you know.

That was great, just tried it and it works fantastically. one click and all done.

Going to see if I can add more actions as well
change genre,
Title and Album the same, and album artist same as artist.
also comment (usually narrator's name) to composer.

Never really bothered looking at all the action options, as I end up reading things that aren't relevant when I google for reg expressions examples.

Anyhoo - Thanks a lot Poster, you saved me a lot of clicking around.

Not sure this is the correct way...
But to remove, ie blank the comment field I used this.

Tried to "remove field" - but I guess that was the wrong thing, so went with the "format" option, and this was the first thing I found that blanked the comment field.

Do you think this is OK, or should I look at replacing comment contents with a "space" or something?

It depends on your workkflow.
My "general" action group for finally adding a new album to my library contains more than 20 actions in 1 group.

Remove field would be the correct way to empty a tag because there are no empty tags in mp3tag.
There is no need to keep a tag and put a space into.

I notice that you "misuse" standard tags like genre for your personal needs.
You can do that but you can also define your own tags for special purposes.

Ok, done all I needed to with three actions, one with several parts.

Only thing I wish is if the Actions could have shortcuts defined for them, or could be numbered and added to the toolbar - that would be an great. But as it is it's fine.

Kind of want to play around with this more, but nothing else needs doing.

Thanks for the help all.

You're right, didn't work for me, but I mistakenly put %comment% instead of just comment in the field to remove.
Will do it properly now - thanks

Only reason for unread, and red, geners is when they are uploaded to google play music. it gives me an easy way to just click on the genre and find all the books I have read/unread
(free storage if you keep it under 300MB per song & convert to mp3- use it as a second backup)

Would love to see some of your actions - may inspire me to do other things. :book:

Most of them are very special to my needs and maybe not so interesting for other users.
This main action group for new albums has grown over the last years.

As I tag almost exclusively from websources a lot of the actions try to handle the not wanted results from tagging this way. A lot of them surely could be avoided if I would change the websource-script but often my scripting knowledge for this is not good enough and mostly it is much easier to change the not wanted results with actions afterwards as a workaround.

Some examples:

Delete the "The" in artist-tag and albumartist-tag with a regex (Changing "The Beatles" to "Beatles":

Changing year-tag from a shown date (2016-10-06) to a four digit year:
Format value String: $left(%year%,4)

Import album-cover from folder.jpg

Set a compilation-tag if %albumartist% is "Various Artists":
Format Value string: $if2($neql(%albumartist%,Various Artists),1)

Changing the different web-source-results with "Featuring artists" to my needs which is as part of the artist-tag and not the title-tag.

Deleting all not wanted tags with an action "Remove fields except".

Changing the language from the unsyncedlyrics-tag to universal "XXX" with simple replace-actions:
deu|| to XXX||
eng|| to XXX||

A lot of simple replace-actions to change some characters i.e. changing "´" to "'".

And at last move all the files from working-album-folders to the final structure of my music-folders:
Format Value Field: _DIRECTORY
String: d:\MP3s\Albums$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)$if2(%album%,_Album unbekannt)

As you can see most of these examples are special and only useful for my workflow.
You have to look what is useful for you and try to automate the necessary steps with actions as far as it makes sense.

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Thankyou, I appreciate you help.
let me know if you have a bitcoin address, so I can tip you a few bits, for taking the time to reply.

Thank you.
But you should donate Florian instead who made this piece of software.