Quickest way to tag files?

Im posting here because I HAVE to be missing something and I figured someone here would be likely to have an answer. I just got mp3tag.. my main purpose was to find meta data for large numbers of files. Upon using it I hated it. I don't see any way to make this process fast as I can edit things like album and artist in batch already through windows explorer or anywhere else. There are rave reviews everywhere online talking about how easy it makes this process. I decided to ad scripts for discogs as discogs is the perfect place to find track names for my stuff(mostly old funk). I just installed and ran the pone script and spent a few hours trying to find a good way of using it and im still completely stumped how this is suppose to be fast? It seems to me the only way to tag anything is to search ultimately by album and line up the tracks.. well if I knew what album they were from I wouldn't need this. I would have to look up each song to see what album it was on before tagging it which is insane. Now this isn't even the bad part.. the bad part is that even when I do get into the album.. if I have songs selected that aren't in the album there seems to be no way of leaving them out. Sometimes I don't have all the tracks in the album and it doesn't let you skip spaces so something is going to be tagged wrong essentially. So in order to tag things correctly I would need every song from an album and I would have to know exactly which songs they were and sort them by album. I find this insane. The amount of time it would take me to do this would be unacceptable. I simply have folders organized by artist I was hoping to load in and tag quickly. Many are from different random albums and singles so they are just poorly labeled mp3s in folders organized by artist. This seems impossible to accomplish this way.

Now I just got this tonight and im at least smart enough to realize I have to be missing something or doing something wrong. Is there in fact a quick way to tag my files given the situation? My guess based on the unanimous obsession around the net with mp3tag is that there is and im tired and being stupid. PLEASE HELP.

The fastest way to tag files is to do this while encoding them from the original CD.
Or get them from a decent online store.

If you do it yourself, then you have to do it album by album as an accurate library has to rule out that a track is actually part of an album and not the EP, the "best of", the "hits of ..." sampler, the live album, the greatest hits collection and last but not the least, the actual album. You have to make this choice? Do you know any database that shows you the correct album(s) if you feed it with an arbitrary list of tracks (for which it is not even clear if the data in them is correct or not)? If so, it would be a nice option to tap that source with a web source script.

On a more technical side: If you have selected fewer tracks than the list offers that is provided by the web source, there is a dummy entry to skip the data form the web source.
If you have selected more tracks than the album list shows, you have to revise your selection.
Please check what you have done when using the web source.

Whether the hours it takes to tag a collection are unacceptable is down to one's own prriorities. You are free to look for a different way to tag.

Are your music files named and organized in any particular way? For example, if your files are:

c:\music\The Beatles\Abbey Road\1. Something.mp3

Then you could use mp3tag's "filename to tag" to extract data from the directory names and file names to extract, ARTIST, ALBUM, TRACK, and TITLE from the above. (all in fast batch manner).

The key question is whether there is any such organization in your file names?

Thanks! This idea is interesting.. all files are in folders with the appropriate bands name. Additionally the titles mostly all have the name of the band and the name of the song in them. The ones the don't have the name of the song in the title with the name of the band in the composer form. All have partial, messy metadata just not complete and organized data. Im attaching a screenshot with a detailed view as an example. Discogs has literally all the titles but With perfect spelling, grammar and track/album details. Im really just trying to make them look a bit nicer so that when I load them into my player I don't have to do as much work.

Thanks for the reply! I just wish there were options for dummy entries when there are too many tracks as id like to highlight larger quantities than EXACTLY whats in the album. If I have to look up and wort by album I wouldn't have much trouble doing the rest manually. I was hoping there would be a simple way. Hopefully I figure something out. Thanks for the info!

Also.. unfortunately while a lot of music has been ripped from CD or vinyl, or bought on itunes, some ive had to pull from random sources on the internet, or from friends who rip vinyl. itunes has a lot of stuff, but not only do they lack some of the more rare titles they also have worse rips of the music than I can get on vinyl.

then you can use the convert "filename to tag". You should play around with it a bit. But given that not everything is organized the same way, there is no blanket formatting string in mp3tag that you can use in a batch manner. So you'll likely need to do album by album, but it could still save typing time. For my earlier example, you'd use this format string:

%artist%\%album%\%track%. %title%

you might need something prior to %artist% above to put it all in the right parent directory.

See help info in button in the "filename to tag" popup screen.

yeah, if the files don't have correct metadata (or are not organized (subdirectories, etc.) and named in a very consistent manner that contains the raw info (artist, title, etc.), then there's not a lot one can do automatically. You might look at PerfectTunes, ID TAG option. It can locate correct tag info in many cases. not sure if it works on mp3. I've used in on FLAC files.