Quickly Rename Multiple Albums

I have my music currently setup like this:
"Music">"Artists">"Albums" and then inside each album the song. I have decided to just use a nice looking picture for the artist instead of using "Actual Album Art" or "Album Coverart". So far I am working on the male "Country" artists. So here is what I have been doing.
I start by selecting the "Artist" and then I open the full set of albums inside the "Mp3Tag Program". I then need to add "Album Name" and "Artist Name" on the left hand side. Even though each album is inside its own folder. And the main folder is the name of the artist.

Is there a easier way to do this:
I would like to have a faster way then to have to do it like this:
(1) Right - Click the "Artist" and open it in "Mp3Tag"
(2) Select from the first file to the last file and change "Artist" and "Genre" and "remove Art" and "Paste Art"
(3) Then Go through and look at the end of each "Path" and find the album name and select the first file and the last file so all files from the "Album" are highlighted and then "Save" the new "Album Name" and then continue until all "Tracks" have "Albums"
(4) Once all "Tracks" have "Albums" I then go to "Tag Sources" and select "Musicbrainz" and then I use the "artist info and album info to get the "Track Titles" all correct. And then I save the final results.

Is there a easier way then to have to select each group of songs to rename each album. Or is there a faster way so the Mp3Tag can pull the "Album Title" for the folder it comes from. As well as "Artist" so that way I don't have to keep doubling through all these "Albums" I normally will "Title" each "Album" and then once all the "Tracks" have a "Album" I then start from the "Top or Bottom" and use "Tag Sources" to get all the "track titles". I'm mostly looking for a faster way to add "Album Titles" and "Artists" to the files.

I would start with the this.

  1. Load all files and then Select All.
  2. Use the Converter>Filename to Tag function with this string:
  3. While all files are still highlighted you can change the Genre in the Tag Panel. You can also adjust the artwork at this point.
  4. Any further tasks like the Musicbrainz tag source can be run if you wish.

This worked out great for me. I did need to put a %dummy% since some of the file names are incorrect but the "Artists" and "Albums" are fine. Some of the songs are like this:

Artist - Song title.mp3 I'm making sure all the albums are correctly named and then I will just use Musicbrainz on Mp3Tag to rename the files. So that way each filename is the actual "Song Title". This trick to just put the "Albums" and "Artists" worked great. Its a simple fix if all of the files are in the correct "Album Folder" and "Artist Folder". I really appreciate the help with this quick fix. I have been using Mp3Tag for a few years and never used this trick before so thank you.

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