QuickTime MP4 Tag

I have an MP4 that has a QuickTime Tag. The file was downloaded from a Sony T500 camera.
What's interesting about this tag is, "File_Create_Date" shows when I copied the file to my PC.
Whereas QuickTime's "Create Date" shows the real date/time the movie was filmed.
(MediaInfo calls it "Encoded-Date")
Is it possible to access the Quicktime "Create Date" in mp3tag ?

If it doesn't show at the extended tags dialog via Alt + T, I don't think it's possible to access it in Mp3tag.

If I open the MP4 with the Exif Editor, I can view the "QuickTime CreateDate" .

In Mp3Tag if I define a custom column and specify %date%%_file_create_datetime%, I get the "FileCreateDate", not the QuickTime "CreateDate" .

The distinction is, if I download files from my camera to my PC, the "FileCreateDate" changes to the current date because I just created a new file.

What I really need is that "QuickTime CreateDate" which is analogous to "DatePictureTaken".

If I send you a sample mp4, can you look at all of the tag data inside?