Random hyphen character in Track Column 9th Row

First of all this is an excellent product!
In the versions above 2.95b There is a bug embedded in the coding. When you see it it really stands out. When the program is run and data has been entered. You will notice that under the "TRACK" column in the 9th line down it embeds what appears to be a (-) before the track number you enter into it. No matter what you do you can not remove the hyphen (-). A very minor issue but really sticks out every time you use it. I have gone back to version 2.95 to get away from it. When you first enter in the track number in the 9th line down the (-) appears but on pushing the "enter" key it then disappears. But a stated in all versions above 2.95b the hyphen (-) gets saved.
John H.

could you show us the defintion for field and value for the track column?

I'm sorry I'm not sure what you mean. It is under the Track Column and the 9th Row down. I normally enter 9 for the track number (but what ever number you enter into that particular box is preceded by a " - ") When you select that 9th row if you look closely it has a (-) in it (none of the other columns in under the "TRACK" heading displays this. No really big deal. Just strange! Not sure yet how my usb key will read that track in my car stereo, but I will let you know when I get a chance to try it out.

Pic 1 shows the "-" appearing in front of a 9
Pic 2 Shows zoomed out look
Pic 3 Shows the "-" without anything entered into the window
Pic 4 Shows the "-" appearing as a double tail on the number 1


John H

I cannot reproduce that. My nines look like that:

The column definition can be seen if you right-click on a column header and then select "Columns ..."
In the subsequently opened dialogue please go to the column that shows the track number and check what you have entered for
This would show if some kind of special definition has crept in.

Also, it would be interesting so see if other applications also do not show the number 9 correctly. If this is the case then it would look like a damaged font file.

It is not just the number 9 it is any number that is entered into that window. As an example I showed a "1" because it is easier to see the hyphen (appears as a double tail on the "1". It sort of gets lost in the bottom of the circle of the 9, but it is there if you look very closely. All the other windows under the "TRACK" Column do not do this. It is no big deal just thought you would like to know.

I don't know what to say or what happened. I just loaded MP3TAG today and the problem seems to have gone away. As you can see from my photos I attached to my earlier email, that it was happening. The problem now would appear to be with my computer. I'm not aware of any viruses on my system but I will recheck. If this should happen again I will get back to you.


John H

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