Randomization of track with no playlist

I would like a way to, say, randomly issue a number between 1 and the number of selected tracks to the "Track #" tag.
This would allow, renaming the file name "Tag# (randomly generated) - Artist - Title"
Or create a new tag

This would be a way of randomizing the files in the folder by file name for players that don't support playlists or don't support them well. I have several examples of these types of players.

You already can order the files randomly, see View>Sort by>Randomly.
Then apply the track numbering wizard. This has the advantage that you get each number only once.
Then there is the function $rand() which you could use to format the value of a (perhaps even user-defined) field, see the help

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THIS IS PERFECT. It works exactly like I want it to! Thanks.

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