Rate MP3 Stars error on Win10 Explorer

Hello everyone, I'm having trouble rating (giving stars) for my mp3 files.
Generally I do this easily directly in Windows Explorer, even in version 10, but currently on another computer, this operation causes an error and does not allow me to change this Rate.

I can sort in the details menu on the right in the image:

But when trying to save this error appears:


  • I've tried a lot of things and researched on the internet, I can't find any mention of this.

  • Check my privileges... I'm the only administrator and I'm logged in as the computer's administrator.

  • I have already updated Windows Update.

Regarding the error language, I apologize, but in the window it says:
An unexpected error is preventing you from applying properties to the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the code to seek help.

Error 0x80040154: Class not registered.

Is this a function you try to use in the Windows Explorer?
Or is it MP3tag?

Here is a thread that deals with MP3tag and stars in the Windows Explorer:

If you treat new files on a different computer you could also check the ownership of the files. Sometimes it helps to change the owner of files to access and modify them again.

Je fais très souvent la même modification que toi, mais personellement je n'ai encore jamais eu ce message d'erreur, bon courage

Le rating ou nombre d'étoiles que je donne à mes fichiers se trouve dans Windows Explorer, mais j'aimerais bien les voir dans une zone (colonne) dans Mp3tag comme par exemple Genre, Année, Compositeur. Merci

The instructions how to use the tag POPULARIMETER are still the same as already told you.

(Please use the english language in this english support part of the forum. Thank you.)

According to this rather old answer, could it be that you have installed (and forgotten?) additional tools like TagLibHandler or AudioShell?

You could try to deinstall such 3rd party tools.

As @ohrenkino already mentionend: The chance that Mp3tag can do anything in this regard is very low.

I didn't know about these apps you mentioned. But I looked and it seems that they are not installed on my Windows 10.

In fact, I wasn't the one who installed Windows on this machine... it was a server that I bought from my old company. The person responsible was somewhat obsessed with protection against viruses and other types of invasion.

I really wouldn't want to reinstall the entire operating system again... I've already spent a week configuring and installing applications.

My last hope was this forum here.

Have you checked the owner of the files?

Well, I believed that being the administrator and being logged in as an administrator, I would have all the privileges for changes and would be the owner.

Do you know how I can check this?

See e.g. this thread here:

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