RateYourMusic AlbumArt

Thanks for this great program. It's the best.

This is my first script, but it's been very useful to me, because RateYourMusic has more album art available than most other sites I've been to.

It's not perfect, and the response from the site is slow. One problem is that I have to search by album. This is not a very good solution if the Album name is someting like this "Greatest hits", "Live", "Unplugged".... I tried to search by artist, but RYM would not give me any results. Another problem is that I somethimes get "could not connect", but I think that's because the site is slow and Mp3Tags gets a timeout.

Any comment is welcome.

RYM_AlbumArt.zip (1.16 KB)

RYM_AlbumArt.zip (1.16 KB)

Just what I've longed for here - so thanks for getting it started! :wink:

Will give it a shot and certainly any lnk to RYM is better than nothing ..!!

cheers ..

Is all the art 300*300?


Unfortunately this Album Art script is not working anymore, could someone fix this please ?

Added my own version here:

Complete Tagging: