Hi there,
for four years I'm a member of the website http://rateyourmusic.com. You can enter your albums (incuding cover art, tracklist, etc.) there, rate according to your taste and enter your personal review. Albums, compilations, singles, EPs and videos are accepted. All data is compiled so you have an overview of your entire collection after a while. I understand that sharifi (the guy who runs the site) is currently preparing to update to version 3.0 which will make it possible to search single tracks as well. He even inquired about programs users are using in order to export data from their collection. Maybe it would make sense to get in touch with them. I feel that RYM is probably the most valuable music website our there, with approx. 15 Admins and 175 Moderators (me being one of them). The folks at RYM are open people, so maybe getting in touch would lead to a beneficial cooperation. Just my two cents.