Is somebody working in a script to retrieve information from rateyourmusic.com?

i'll really like to second this request - have found myself using rym far more often these days tham AMG ..! :sunglasses:

to be honest, am sure it wouldn't be difficult, but not being a coder .. x-)

please, anyone out there have the time to help ..?

cheers ..

I'm no coder either, but using the method of the 'Album Search' is a no-go from what I see. The way they have that page scripted, it would appear their using a remote Java Script to 'encodes' the urls or something. So, unless someone with better knowledge then me knows something, then I wouldn't get your hopes up.

EDIT: Please stand by, I am looking into this further... not sure what I might be able to do.

EDIT2: I give up? :\

just to say, have posted a request on their forum - so here's hoping ..! :book:

has there been any updates to this? is it possible?

I find it the most reliable source, freedb has way too many albums without years and nonunified formatting. rateyourmusic allows peers to check over other people's submissions.