%rating mm% not filled and gets overwritten by mp3tag

Hello everyone,

I uses the latest build of mp3tag (v2.93 stable) and MediaMonkey 4.1.18.

If I rate some files in MediaMonkey:

Open the same files in mp3tag, no rating information is displayed

Also If I save the files in mp3tag, all rating information gets overwritten by mp3tag

Any ideas?

Thanks & regards

Are you using the Library in Mp3tag? And have you disabled updating the file timestamp when updating tags in MediaMonkey?

If so, you need to take care of reloading the files by yourself as Mp3tag has no way of detecting the change on load. You can do this via Ctrl + T or "File > Read tag" once you've selected the files in Mp3tag.

Hi Florian,

Library in the Mp3tag Opions and also "Preserve file modification time..." are disabled.
I did also a reload/refresh after the rating in MediaMonkey.

Try updating to MediaMonkey 4.1.23 then and maybe check also in Mp3tag via Alt + T.

I updated to the MediaMonkey v4.1.23, set ratings new, reload in Mp3tag and also looked up the extended tasks (Alt+T), but %rating mm% is not filled and also gets overwritten after saving in Mp3tag.

Last idea: do the files have APEv2 tags (visible via the "Tags" column) and do you have reading of APEv2 enabled under "Options > Tags > Mpeg"?

If this is not the case, please provide an example file.

Yes, they use "APEv2 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)".

I tried an ID3v2.3 tagged file, it works!

Here my settings (Options > Tags > Mpeg)

Here one file with APEv2 and MediaMonkey rating of 5 stars
Test File APEv2, MM rating 5.zip (2.2 MB)

Any specific reason why you're using APEv2?

I'm asking, because this is the root cause of the problem you're seeing. In Mp3tag, tag versions are prioritized in this order ID3v1 < ID3v2 < APEv2. So if the file has an APEv2 tag and you've enabled reading of APEv2, this tag gets displayed.

If you then write the tag, and have also writing of ID3v2 enabled, the tag that was displayed gets written to the ID3v2 tag.

Since the APEv2 tag of your test file doesn't contain RATING MM, it isn't available if you read APEv2 and overwrites the ID3v2 tag on save (and eventually removes the RATING MM from the ID3v2 tag).

So if you don't have a specific reason to use APEv2, I'd disable reading and writing of APEv2 (which is also the default on new installs).

Thanks Florian, I will deactivate APEv2 for reading and writing.

By the way what is the default for "Remove" and APE?

The default is on.

Normally, you'd want to remove all tags from the file if you remove tags. An exception would be to remove a specific version (e.g., all APEv2 tags, where you'd disable ID3v1 and ID3v2 temporarily).