Rating problems

Hi, I have a problem with the rating of my mp3 files...

I have all of them with the RATING WMP tag according this:
1 star -> 19
2 stars -> 78
3 stars -> 137
4 stars -> 4
5 stars -> 5

This values where all written by Tag&Rename when I used tu use it and are correctly seen by Windows 7 when I explore my music folder (I see the stars correctly).

The problem is that now I'm triying to save a new tag to my mp3 files using RATING WINAMP (values from 1 to 5) so that winamp reads my rating, but whenever I do that and have an mp3 file with both tags (RATING WINAMP and RATING WMP), windows 7 stops showing the stars of the files as they where not rated...

If I remove the RATING WINAMP tag and leave only the WMP one, they are instantly seen correctly again...

Any help on how to solve this? Thanks!

You actually have two fields? Whenever I play my files rated with POPULARIMETER then WMP translates it to RATING WMP and the field POPULARIMETER disappears.

So I think we have a "highlander" phenomenon: there can only be one. As all these fields are mapped to a tag POPM it could well be that RATING WINAMP overwrites/suppresses RATING WMP.
So I don't think that there is a way around this with the means of MP3tag as Windows has the problem.

Yes, I do have the 2 fields...

I never used the POPM tag, I really don't now how to use it...

I also think the problem is with windows, that's why I didn't report it as a bug, I'm looking for a suggestion or a solution... :frowning:

If you want it to work with Windows then you (most likely) have to use only one field.
I also think Winamp and Windows understand both.
So chose one and see how it goes.