Rating - %rating wmp%

So I've been using ratings in my files. I actually apply the rating in the .mp3 file itself in Win Explorer (right click > properties > details > Rating).

That's a star rating (* to *****).

I was using the %rating wmp% column in the main window - which shows as an integer (from 1 to 5).

But, for some reason, that's stopped working? I can see the Star rating in Win Explorer, but, it doesn't show (as an integer from 1 to 5) in MP3Tag main window anymore? Anyone have any ideas on this?

see e.g. here:

I don't fully understand - are you telling me to use tag %POPULARIMETER% instead of %rating wmp%?

You could have a look at the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see if you find a field there that could contain the rating.
Yet, if you rated mp4 files with the WE then you will not see the rating in MP3tag as the WE stores the data in an incompatible way.

These are .mp3 files. So, %rating wmp% is NOT the same as rating in WE? I didn’t realise that...

So did you find a rating field in the extended tags dialogue?

I will check as soon as I get home and report back.


It’s a 3-digit integer w/traktor@nativeinstruments prefix.