Rating Tag of Songbird


After 1.1.1, Songbird is able to write Rating into tag.

it uses "TXXX:rating", and value range: 0-5.

Would Mp3tag support this soon?

It's already supported (though a POPM frame would be the right place for storing this information in ID3v2 -- which is also supported by Mp3tag).

Just have a look at the extended tags dialog [Alt+T] and add a new column to the file list via View > Columns... or a new field to the Tag Panel via Options > Tag Panel.

Thanks for replying.

Songbird Reads TXXX:rating, but Mp3tag writes TXXX:RATING.

And values entered should be limit in 0-5.

A kludgy solution:

Add the new field "Rating" to the tag panel, find the file %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\usrfields.ini and edit the value=RATING line to read value=rating.

Careful when editing – this file seems to be UTF-8 encoded, with a BOM. Use an appropriate editor.

If you now enter/modify the rating value only via the tag panel at the left, never with the column view editor, you’ll succeed writing TXXX:rating tags… :sunglasses:

Then again, you might cry out loud at the Songbird forums and ask them to support POPM! It’s of no use if everybody invent their own tags.

I can only support this.

Especially, differentiating between rating and RATING will result in a number of different problems. Additionally, it's very unlikely that one single application out there will support an input restriction on a user-defined frame.