Is there any fast way to rate your tracks faster than open the edit window for each track?

The most ideal would be to just click on 1-5 stars. Possible to see in future version?

If you have a column in the file list for wmp rating, then AFAIK you can enter just the required number of asterisks * and that will be transformed into a rating.
What could be faster than that?

I have a column for RATING WMP but seems kinda locked, i can edit only if i open the Extended Tags menu. Same hapends to:
%release date%

Check the column definitions
(right-click on any column header to get the column configuration dialogue)

Check that the fields/columns you want to edit not only show a value but also transfer the data back to a field.
So if you want to read and write a field, you have to enter the field variable in both: value and field.
I think that there is no field %release date% but that it is called %releasetime%. Also, %date% is no standard field.

THANKS A LOT!! i fixed it :smiley:

I did exactly what you said, wrote a field with same name as value. Haven't tested that till now cause some existing columns had not that info completed. Thanks again!