Ratings column


Hi, great product.

Just wondering about ratings (stars out of 5)

WMP11 gives you the option of 'Maintain my star ratings as global ratings in files'. (Tools -> Options, Library tab)

When I was looking for an ID3 tagger, I came across Tag&Rename, which showed found these ratings

Her's a screenshot of the two




Load a file and press ALT+T or :mt_tag: to have all tag fields listed. Mp3tag does not display the rating with stars, though.


You can create a column like in my screenshot.
You can find the full strings here.

Once you have this column, you can enter 1 to 5 * chars to rate the song.
But it might not really work with WMP since it has a little different scale and a different identifier.
(An action could be used to make the rating WMP compatible afterwards.)