Ratings in v2.44


I recently updated my version of mp3tag from v2.42 to v2.44.

One of my favourite features of mp3tag is how quickly I can edit ratings tags. However, the ratings I had previously applied, no longer show up in the new version.

To see if perhaps something else was causing the issue, I uninstalled v2.44 and re-installed v2.42 from an old installer, and all of the ratings came back.

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem?

I access the ratings tag by adding a new column with a value of '%rating mm%' selected from the 'extended fields' selection.

Thanks in advance.


MediaMonkey changed it's rating mappings and Mp3tag had to adapt. Unfortunately it is not backwards compatible.

To fix it you can copy the ratings in v2.42 to another tag field and then in v2.44 copy them back to Rating MM so you have your ratings with the new mapping.

Ahh right ok. Thanks Dano, good suggestion regarding copying them all to a different field, I didn't think of that!

Do you know if the MediaMonkey Rating is the most commonly used rating field queried by most of the popular common music apps or is there a different one which is more widely used? I think I just used MM Rating as it was the first one I found in the extended fields list and I've stuck with it ever since. I'm not sure if this is a commonly used field or I'm just using some random place to put rating numbers? :slight_smile:



I think with the new mapping the %Rating MM% has become more compatible with the mapping of windows media player (which rating you can use with %Rating WMP% in Mp3tag)

I don't know if it is the most compatible, it all depends on all the programs you use. At least it is an official ID3v2 field.

Ok, great - thanks for your help Dano.