Ratings Tag in Mac OS

Hi Everyone
I've been trying to research this topic for a couple of hours and haven't gotten any results, so maybe if I state my question someone can provide me the insight I seek.

I have been using a combination of the Apple Music.app, MP3Tag and Virtual DJ to attempt to organize my vast music library. I have apx 60K files. Because I have so many files it becomes daunting to update tags, so I've been trying to employ automation as I go.

I usually rate my tracks in the Apple Music.app, which I know does not write the rating tag to the file itself as an ID3tag.

In Virtual DJ I use the "import itunes ratings" feature which theoretically imports the ratings from my apple music library file and converts them to the "Rating WMP" tag... i think. However when I open the tracks in MP3 Tag, the "RATING WMP" doesn't seem to be updated.

SO I have a couple of questions,

  1. Am I going about looking for the WMP Rating tag incorrectly? In the Tag panel i have Field: RATING WMP selected from a pulldown menu. In the File List section I have a column named Rating WMP with the value as %rating wmp% and the field also as %rating wmp%. Both Numeric and Active are checked.

  2. Does anyone happen to know how I might be able to find any tags that don't show up in the "extended tag" panel? Perhaps Virtual DJ is writing a custom tag that I'm not aware of.

Thanks so much in advance!

Check the extended tags dialogue to see which rating field you really have in your files.
It could still be that none of the ratings have been written to the tags.

An alternative could be a set of automatic playlists in the Apple program in which every playlist gathers the files with one particular rating (e.g. 1 star, another with 2 stars).
You open the playlist in the Apple program and drag&drop only these files to MP3tag and tag them there with the correct value.
If you apply a filter with
%popularimeter% PRESENT
then you have to treat only those files that have not got a rating yet.
You would have to repeat that process for each rating value.

Thank you so much. I 'll try that playlist idea! :smiley:

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