Re-Appearing Duplicate Rows

Despite deleting duplicate rows from my Mp3tag Filename list using my desktop keyboard Delete button, or right-click Delete..., or right-click Remove, these duplicate rows keep re-appearing in my Mp3tag Filename list. Their re-appearance occurs after pressing the Mp3tag refresh button. I can even correct the list and then Mp3tag Save or Mp3tag Exit and re-enter Mp3tag. No matter what I do these "allegedly" duplicate rows keep re-appearing in my sorted Mp3tag Filename list. Please note - these duplicate rows in Mp3tag are definitely not duplicate files in my Microsoft File Explorer directory. They are all single mp3 files in my directory but Mp3tag thinks they are duplicates and lists them twice. I have 656 mp3 files in my directory and on every occasion Mp3tag reports duplicates for about 10% of them. It is always the same set of mp3 files that get duplicated. I am running Mp3tag v3.03 Oct 2 2020 18:26:41.

To delete files from the file system, you have to press Ctrl-Delete.
A simple delete removes the entries for the files only from the files list (e.g. if you want to get a special list for a playlist). When you load the folder again, the files that have been removed from file list only, will reappear.

In respect to the mysteriously duplicated files: please supply a screenshot from MP3tag that includes the filenames of at least 2 of these duplicated files.

Hi ohrenkino,

Your Ctrl-Delete advice worked perfectly. I am now scanning my full Mp3tag listing for duplicates knowing with confidence that the effort won't have to be repeated.

Thanks for your very rapid response.

Ron Waugh