Re arranging Album name

Made the mistake of naming albums with the year the album came out at the beginning of the album name as there are several versions over the years as well as different country of origin and as it happens there are sometimes several copies of the same CD in most of my collection.
This was for my own information
I named an albums like:

(1999) The Best Of Jeff Beck Featuring Rod Stewart (AU Issue)
(1989) The Most Of The Animals (Raven Version)

The year first because I originally thought it a good idea but obviously was not such a good idea when you want to find an album as they all end up in the 0-9 folder.
If I wanted to do a mass rename and say in the above example move the (1999) to the end of the Album name ie:

The Best Of Jeff Beck Featuring Rod Stewart (1999-AU Issue)
The Most Of The Animals (1989-Raven Version)

Maybe even making the album name look like:
The Most Of The Animals (Raven Version) (1989)
As long as the year is moved from the beginning to the end of the album name somewhere.

Would anyone be able to suggest a of doing it on mass as there are hundreds of albums.
They could be (1966) or (1967) or (1999) so the year in brackets does vary.
Or is is just that I will have to struggle through one at a time?
Appreciate if anyone had some ideas that would make this simpler.

Do you have this information (YEAR, 4 numbers) in a id3tag inside your songs?
The same as you have the album and maybe the artist?

If yes, you could just build your filenames again with this already existing informations.
If no, one idea would be to fill the tag field YEAR with this information from your actual filename.

The year is included in the metadata.
Its just that the name of each album was manually changed to put the date in brackets first.
Just want to be able to do a batch change if possible to simply put the year (thats in brackets at the beginning of the album name) to the end of the album name or thereabouts.
The date of each album could vary from (1960) to (2019) depending on its release year.
Maybe its possible to do...maybe not..thought I would ask just in case.

To get rid of the leading number, try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for ALBUM
Search String: ^.\d+.\s+
Replace string:
(leave empty)
In a second step you can add the year again in the field ALBUM.
IMHO this step is usually not necessary as there is a dedicated field for the year and adding that data to album creates redundant information.

Ok. works.
many thanks.