Re-issuing the old AMG scripts?


In August 2007 the great AMG scripts where removed from this site after threats of legal actions against mp3tag, as far as I remember. The same happened with MediaMonkey.

I loved those scripts and used them a lot. Today I checked out the MM site and to my surprise I see they use AMG in their software. Does anyone know what happened? Is there a chance that we can see the AMG web scripts here again?



First off, let me say that if the old AMG scripts for mp3tag were re-released there's nothing that would make me happier. AllMusic and mp3tag were a match made in heaven.

However, just because MediaMonkey is making use of AllMusic now doesn't mean mp3tag can just blindly jump on the bandwagon. While it's true that AMG may have relaxed its usage agreement to allow tagging software to use their site for source data what may more likely be the case is MediaMonkey has laid out the cash to use the commercial API in order to use the AMG data legally.

EDIT: Just loaded up the latest beta version of MediaMonkey and AllMusic is NOT included as a source. I guess when the web page you linked has the text "...find missing track details through music-related sites such as Allmusic." it means you can use music-related sites like Allmusic, but not Allmusic itself. My guess is that's old text from before AMG dropped the hammer on everyone and nobody on the MediaMonkey staff went back and changed that web page to be more accurate.

Yes, I spent some more time at the MM site and came to the same conclusion as you. MM is referencing in quite some places to AMG, but the software in it self isn't linked... Weirdest of all is that the scripting example they use here even mentions that AMG doesn't allow that kind of scripting... Well, well...


And that script example is so old it doesn't function anymore. And that's the thing...those scripts from 2007 are all out-dated. Even if they were to miraculously re-appear they wouldn't work due to layout changes on the AllMusic web site.

The only work I have seen on AMG scripts lately is there is one or two for Foobar that pull bits and pieces from the AMG site (things like Style or Mood). Nothing exists that will grab all the info on a release.