Re-Master/Re-issue Year

Hi All

I was wondering whether it would be possible to add a column in for a release/reissue date. So basically something along the lines of

Year (for original Release date)
Re-master (for release re-issue year)

Yes I know this sounds completely Anal, but I do a lot of tagging and try to put as much info in my MP3 tags as possible, Like the above and also which record label it was released on, full date of release (DD/MM/YYYY)

You can add as new column whatever you need, there is no limit.
You can use the standard tags or use some custom tag like REISSUE_DATE.

The only problem will be that you can't use such custom tags outside of Mp3tag. There is no device or application reading your custom data and show or use it in any way.

Here is the list of tag fields that MP3tag supports

perhaps you find a standard field that suits your needs.

Here is how to customize the file list

Thanks everyone for your quick replies helped me out loads might even add a column in now the column for the music industry release code as well :D. yes yes i know i did say i was a bit anal about my music tags