Re mp3tag not displaying anything other than the file name after mp3gain


Have been using mp3tag for some time and find it to be an invaluable tool.

I had the need to normalise some mp3 tracks and after research used mp3gain.

Unfortunately, after using mo3gain, the tracks, when loaded into mp3tag do not display any information other than the file name.....

I have tried changing lots f settings, but can't find a way of resolving this.

Can anyone help me please.


When you use MP3Gain it writes an APE tag to the file that contains the normalization data.

Mp3tag reads the APE tag first so you can't see the regular ID3v2 information.

In Mp3tag go to Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg and uncheck all three APE boxes. Also make sure all three ID3v2 boxes are checked. If you use ID3v1 tags, check those as well.

This question is exactly why I just created an account. Thanks, you just saved my Mp3 collection. :smiley:

Mp3Tag is Awesome!!!