Re-numbering multidisc albums

Hello Florian. I have used Twonky on my QNAP for years and have recently switched to Minimserver. Historically when I use dbPowerAmp to rip an album, I renumber the tracks on discs 2 thru x so that Twonky will show them sequentially. For example, if disc 1 has 8 tracks then I start with track # 9 on disc 2.

Unfortunately, Minimserver automatically adjusts the track numbers and there is no way around it. So in my example, Minimserver displays tracks 1 thru 8 but then track 9 is displayed as track 16.

So... I need to renumber all my albums which have a disc 2 (and disc 3, etc). What is the best way to do this in MP3Tag? Is there a way to open just the tracks which have discnumber = 2? If so, I can then manually use Tools/Auto Numbering.

Any help would be appreciated.


How does your program know to which CD the track belongs ? Have you filled DISCNUMBER?

If the tracks for each disc are located in separate folders for each CD then you can use the track numbering wizard and reset the counter in each folder.
You should sort by folder then.

Hi. I should have been more specific. The album is contained in one folder, regardless of how many discs. When ripping, I do enter the discnumber so yes, that is included in the metadata. However the only reference to discnumber is in the metadata, not a separate "Disc 2" folder.

Ah! the filled discnumber field seems to trigger a rather weird calculation mechanism on the server.

I could think of the following:
You keep the discnumber but you want to have new numbers: the easiest way: move the files to a folder for each disc and use the disc numbering wizard.
You would move the files to the disc folder with Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: Disc %discnumber%\%_filename%
Afterwards you use the numbering wizard.

Or ...
You move the discnumber field to a user-defined field, e.g. MY_DISCNUMBER (Format value for MY_DISCNUMBER, Format string: %discnumber%)
then you delete the original DISCNUMBER field and the server does not know any more that there are several discs and uses the track number as it is.
But you do because you can easily restore the DISCNUMBER field from MY_DISCNUMBER