Re-ordering name of performer followed by copying into another field.


Like a lot of classical music taggers I resort to placing composer in the artist field, and performers in the composer field.

I follow this pattern when filling out the composer field:

Williams, John - guitar; Australian Chamber Orchestra

I would like to know the action required to copy and paste the first part of the composer field, up to and including the semi-colon and the space following it, into the album artist field, and in the following re-ordered pattern:

John Williams (guitar);

Is this possible? I would certainly appreciate any hints or advice as to how to achieve this.


Just a question because it looks odd to me:
Do you really want to copy the semicolon and the space in the ALBUMARTIST tagfield?

Here a solution to do it without semicolon and space:

Define an action:

Action Type: Guess Values
Source Format: %title%
Guessing Pattern: %albumartist%; %dummy%


Thanks for your response. Yes, I would prefer the semi-colon and space to be removed along with the first part of the composer field, just so whatever is left behind in the composer field can be sorted alphabetically. However; it is most certainly not necessary to be in the album artist field.
I only included it as I thought it would be easier to achieve the action if this were the case.

I did try your formula, but unfortunately it resulted in a nil result, and no tags were updated. Please note, I am hoping for the first performer in the composer field to be copied into the album artist field, using this new pattern:

firstname surname (instrument);

rather than the original pattern:

surname, firstname - instrument;


(Do you want to copy and paste or cut and paste? To copy and paste ...)
Copy all of composer into the albumartist field with an action of the type
Format value for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %composer%
Then trim the field and rearrange it:
Action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for ALBUMARTIST
Williams, John - guitar; Australian Chamber Orchestra
Search string: (.), (.) - (.); .
Replace string: $2 $1 ($3);

If you want to cut and paste it is a different thing. Use an action of the type "Import tag field" for %composer%
Format string: %albumartist%; %composer%

The swapping action has a little modification in the search string
Search string: (.), (.) - (.*)
the replace string stays the same.
First split the

Sorry. I had a typo amd wrote %title% instead of %composer%

Thank you very much. It worked exactly as I wanted it to, and I'm very impressed how you have reduced many hours of editing with just a few key strokes.

One final question. What additional script would I need to apply the replacement & re-ordering of text where more than one instance of it occurs in a given tag field?

i.e. In my Performer field:

Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich - baritone; Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth - soprano; Ludwig, Christa - contralto;

needs to change to:

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (baritone); Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (soprano); Christa Ludwig (contralto)

I tried variations of your formula, but without success. Hopefully, you may have a solution I haven't thought of yet. Anyway, thanks for best tagging software on the web!

Modify the search string to
(.?), (.?) - (.*?);

An excellent solution to my problem. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me and offering your assistance.