Re-Organize music

Dear all,
I have tons of music. Actually organised in folders. Now I thought I might be a better idea, to put all music in 1 folder an organize it in playlists. Example:
The song Radio Ga Ga from Queen is in album 1, 2 and best of. The song Against all odds from Phil Collins is it Album 3 and 4 and best of and in 3 samplers. So there is a lot of space wasted.

Is there a way, to re-organize it, that a playlist e.g. Queen Greatest Hits is generated and the content is taken from the big pool of files? So that every title is there only once. Ok, different versions (live, extra etc. excluded). Manually would take me ages. After that I would like to have a folder music with the playlists and a folder content. I check Michael Jacksons Bad and the smae file is played, either from history or Bad or Greatest Hits.


There is no such function.
Mp3tag sees only the current file. How should a single file know in which albums (put together by who knows what criteria) it appears?
You would have to add this information, e.g. with user-defined fields that tell all the album names. You could then filter for this data and create playlists from there.

I do not think that it is necessary to put all files into one folder as playlists also support a fully qualified filename which can point to any folder within reach.

I would say that you have about 10% duplicates - not a lot of wasted space if you weigh that against the time and effort you have to spend getting the playlists together.
The danger of loosing tracks when you re-organize your folders or want to copy some files to an external device is much greater IMHO.

Yes. That is why I would not do it at all but simply risk to keep the alleged duplicates.

Are you sure that this exactly the same song? Maybe #1 is the original Vinyl-LP-Song, the second is a Live-Version, the 3rd song a digitally remastered Best-Of-Version?

I would never ever put all my music in 1 folder, especially not for "space wasted" reasons. Harddisc and SSD space is cheap this days, I strongly suggest not to do such a reorganization.

I can only confirm the opinions already posted - Don't do it, bad idea.