Re-ripping my music - creating local freedb ?

Hello everybody,

I currently have my whole music library ripped in AAC 192kbs, which is too much for my ears (tried some ABX, and I barely distinguish an AAC 80kbs from an original :laughing: ), and for the storage capacity of my ipod nano.
So in order to make things well-done, I am about to re-rip my music to lossless, then to AAC 80kbs, rather than doing AAC 192kbs -> AAC 80kbs.

But having to re-tag my whole collection to suit my tagging tastes (which took me some time) is really a pain.
I was considering making a local freedb of my currently ripped music, and using it when re-tagging (so the only step needed is to choose an album from my local db).

Do you know a way to do this ?
Or maybe some of you have other alternatives ?

P.S. : Well, this thread is not fully MP3Tag related (althought I had used it for tagging the first time :stuck_out_tongue:, and planning to use it with my hypothetical local freedb). Sorry if this is too out-of-topic.

You can just copy the tags of the original files via [Ctrl+C] and paste them to the new files via [Ctrl+P] (the files must be in the same order).


Thanks for the reply (and sorry for the late feed-back).
This is working, althought it's quite painful to make sure that everything is correctly ordered before pasting.
But anyway, it's still better than doing it by hand !

Thanks a lot, and another thanks for the quality of mp3tag !