Re-size embedded artwork

I'm suggesting 2 options:

  1. A new button to re-size embedded artwork to the user's spec;
  2. Re-size artwork to the user's spec as it's imported

The options for both could be: unchanged, 200x200, 300x300, or user defined, with an option to not re-size if smaller than the selected size.

This sounds like future application development times will come nearer and nearer ...
I have said to my PC, "Well, I feel right now like ... hmm ... I just need a new button", hmm, and I got the new button instantly on the screen, and then I said to my PC, "Hey, I want to have some options to play with", hmm, and I got some option strategies and user controls instantliy on the screen, well, hmm, ...
... yes, I think you have noticed ... we are living in bad times ... why could this damned machine don't know it for itself what i am dreaming of?

Back to reality.
There are many other graphical applications available, which can do those tasks in a perfectly manner and much more.


Yes, but the graphical functions are probably already available and enhancing MP3TAG's functionality so you don't have to shift from one app to another is desirable.

If you know of applications that can re-size embedded artwork without exporting and importing, please post.

What type of application do you mean?
Graphical application or tagging application?

Sorry, I think that the restriction to some small dimensioned "preview" square picture of "200x200, 300x300" is outdated.

I simply store a picture "as is", regardless of it's dimensions, even it would be a panorama picture of 12000x3000 showing the stage and visitors of a live festival event.


I see your point, so you wouldn't use the option. I would, that why I asked for it.

I found a program to resize embedded graphics, at