Re-using tag session

IS therre a simple way to keep a session and reusing it?
what i mean
There is say i have a list of 50 original files in mp3 converted to wma For unknown reason the files are not playable so i need to once again convert them and use the saved session to automatically make all this renaming
it happened several times to rename the converted files as doiung that in the original introduced other hidden mp3 fields to get into the tags

You can create an Action and use this action as many times you need it.

For example, you can create an Action to rename the _FILENAME with the content of %ALBUM% - %ARTIST% - %TITLE%.

Please show us a real example filename BEFORE and AFTER your wanted change. Then we can help you to create an Action exactly for your change.

here is a sample with files

ths is the program man screen

this is the export file in csv
how can i use this csv file to restore the tags ?

I don't understand your situation.

You have 50 mp3 files with correct filled tags like TITLE and ARTIST and ALBUM.
Then you convert this mp3 into WMA. This WMA are not playable.

You convert your mp3 files again into WMA until they are playable?
Which software do you use to convert your mp3 into WMA?
Is your converting software not capable to copy the tags from your mp3 into the new WMA files?
Is your converting software not capable to rename the new WMA files exactly like the original files, only changing the extension from .mp3 to .wma?