Read album names from list of title / album

Hi all,

I have the set of Elvis Presley remastered, 30CDs in directories simply named Disc1, Disc2 ...

I'd like to tag each track with the album name it originally appeared on. So far my thinking has been to obtain a list of trackname / albumname from somewhere, most likely an arduous bit of text editing using the discography, then using javascript to select each track, find its album name from the list, and retag it using the MP3TAG dll.

Is there any easier way to do this ? I'd have thought that tagging a track based on its title would be pretty straightforward. My method would involve quite a lot of work that I'd much rather some software did for me.

Many thanks

I bet that the results of any internet research would not be unambiguous as probably several titles would have appeared on singles and greatest hits compilations and so on.

So, you would have to decide anyway, which files you want to assign to which original album. And the easiest way to do that would be to select them and then type in the album name in the tag panel and save the modification.

But if you insist on a script solution: create a text list, sort it in such a fashion that sequence in the text file and the mp3tag files list match and then import the data with the function convert>textfile-tag.
As I said: I doubt that it will save a lot of work.

Yeah, it'll probably create work and take longer. Just highlighting tracks and entering an album name would be easy, but they're spread across multiple directories. I could create links to them all in one directory then use MP3TAG to edit the links I guess. Or, just place them all in one directory and after tagging move them to different directories based on their new album name, but then it wouldn't be the 30 CD re-release.

I have an automatic tendency to want to write a script/program for this sort of stuff. From looking you are correct in saying tracks will appear on multiple albums, too, so there will be some things scripting won't do.

For anyone doing the same by far the best source I found was Wiki

I've just realised MP3TAG will recursively scan a directory, that changes things a lot, the manual selection and tagging of tracks would seem to be the best option by far.