Read both FLAC/Picture and metadata_block_picture

Some of my files have duplicate/erroneous front covers (Due to SACAD_r).
Most of these appear to be in metadata_block_picture, but MP3Tag chooses to only show FLAC/Picture.
Foobar2000 chooses metadata_block_picture
As you can see, Picard is able to read both:

Is there a way for MP3Tag to display/edit/remove both/either?

Maybe Mp3tag will be modified to display an unorthodox picture tag, but I won't hold my breath. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile, maybe this helps:
To find files with a vorbis comment called "metadata_block_picture":

  • Use a Format action to create MY_TAG_INFORMATION using $list(x,y,z) as the Format string.
  • Then apply this filter expression: MY_TAG_INFORMATION HAS metadata_block_picture.

You won't be able to see the image, but at least you'll know which files have the undesired tag.

Then remove the tag as normal or maybe use a "Remove fields except" action to save the desired vorbis comments.
If the undesired picture is still not removed, you might try creating a tool using metaflac.
eg. metaflac --dont-use-padding --remove-all "W:\path to\badfile.flac"