read commas as slashes?

I've been using MP3tag for general file tagging for a while but I've started using the file name to tag and vice versa a lot at the moment.

One thing I've noticed is due to slashes not working in file names if if I tell it to change the file names based on artist - title it will put spaces where a slash would go.

I'm not sure if this is possible, but is there any way to get mp3tag to read a comma as a slash both ways so it would change the title to a slash if going the file name - tag route or create a comma where the slash is if going the title - file name route.


You can use the converter tag-filename with a mask and a scripting command:

$replace(%track%-%artist%-%title%,'/' ,',')

As the tags are mor flexible in respect to illegal characters I would only apply the mdofication to the filename.