Read Tag-data from XML-file

Hallo folks,

we have a set of mp4 files with an accompaning xml-file that holds the meta-data about the clip, like title, language etc.

  • TEST00619_dh.mp4 (hires clip)
  • TEST00619_dl.mp4 (lores clip)
  • TEST00619.XML

We would like to put that metadata into the proper tags with mp3tag.

Is there a way to do that with the import-text-file?

Thanks in advance,

If there is a chance to convert the XML data into a CSV alike format, then it would be possible to use Mp3tag converter "Textfile - Tag".

For example see there ...


Thanks so far! I think I am on track now. I will generate my own csv's with a small script.

However my task is a bit more complex than just one file.

I have about 1000 clips, which will be english (e) and german (d) in high (h) and low (l) quality, which is designated by the file name. Each set of 4 files has an .xml that goes with it, which I will now make into an english and a german .csv.

All clips with number 619 contain the same "video"-content in high or low quality, just the speaker is German or English:

data00619-dh.mp4 <-- german high Q data00619-dl.mp4 <-- german low Q data00619-eh.mp4 <-- english high Q data00619-el.mp4 <-- english low Q data00619.xml <-- contains both english and german meta-information data00619-d.csv <-- german data00619-e.csv <-- english

I got this to work: :w00t:

Action group

  1. import text file (with filename of clip) into a dummy tag, e.g. comment
    filename: %_folderpath%$left(%_filename%,$sub($len(%_filename%),1)).csv

  2. Guess-Values
    Source Values: %comment%
    Guessing pattern: %title%;%album%;%genre%;%language%

  3. Remove Fields: %comments%

Is there a more straightforward way to do this? :unsure:

Thanks a bunch in advance! :slight_smile:

Nice to hear that you got it working!
As I said above ... the intended way is using the Mp3tag converter ...
... but your way allows to do it by an action group.