Reading Directory is slow on network drive

I am a new user of MP3Tag. I have about 5,000 mp3 on a NAS box on my home network. When I start MP3Tag, I get a dialog box that says reading directory and then it begins counting from 1 to about 5,000. It takes about 1 second for the number to increment. This means I have to wait about 5,000 seconds after starting MP3tag before I can start using it.

Is there anything I should check to see why it is taking so long? I have searched the fourms and google and noted that there was a slow "debug" flag set in 2.42 but I am running 2.43 and presume it is fixed

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Jon,

unfortunately, reading the tags takes some time when you access the files via a network.

Kind regards,