Reading Directory Issue


When I open mp3tag, it comes up with reading directory loading bar and it never goes away. If I push "cancel," the app stops functioning, I can't click on anything or drag any audio files into the program. Does anybody have any thoughts on how to fix this?

Try to start MP3tag without the music folder.
If you have set a starting directory, then rename that for that start.
If you have not and you start with the last folder that you opened, try to rename that.
Once you got MP3tag running,try to load one folder at the time to see if there is one that causes problems.
Once you found that folder or the files, check the files for consistency.

Thanks for helping me troubleshoot.

Unfortunately, the issue is still happening, and it doesn't allow me to drag any folder or file into mp3 tag. It also will only let me click on "Tools" and "Help" - any other thing I click on in the app doesn't work... :confused:

Does MP3tag start?
Is this something that happened all of sudden or what happened in the meantime?
Does this happen only with new files (what types are they) or also with old ones?
What was the result of checking the files for consistency?
Do you have sufficient access rights for the files that you drag&drop? Can you open such a folder with the function File>Open Folder?

It started happening after I moved the files that I had previously tagged to another location, so I think it has something to do with that. The metadata on those files are still there, they still open as normal. The mp3tag application opens, but it pops up with the "reading directory" loading bar and none of the functions in the application seem to be working.

The check ownership and access rights of the

Try disabling the Library.

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.01b. Thanks everyone for reporting and testing!

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